Big Spruce Outfitters offers many different hunting options for bear and deer hunting, our stands are big and comfortable. Being an avid whitetail and bear hunter myself, I know how it is sitting in a stand all day and if its not very comfortable and it makes for long cold days.

We have single man tree stand on tree about 15 to 20 feet up. They are easy to access and are all closed in, keeping you warm no matter what the Saskatchewan winter brings. Ground blinds and pedestal blinds are also available and are also closed in keeping out the elements. Heaters are available for every hunter upon request. When hunting out of our tree stands, a harness must be worn at all times while in the stand.

Big Spruce Outfitters will provide you with a harness or if you you wish, you can bring your own. It must be warn at all times no questions asked. We offer all different types of stands to accommodate every hunter, so if your up in age or you have a bad knee or maybe just don’t feel comfortable in a tree, our pedestal blinds or ground blinds are always set up. We run anywhere from 25 – 35 stands a year, so there are many options available for you. If hunting with 2 people, our pedestal blinds and ground blinds can easily accommodate you and your hunting partner.

Check out our pictures and if you have any questions about our stands give us a call or email.